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March 2022

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Where the Buffalo’s Roam: Critical Art Lighting

Where the Buffalo’s Roam. Critical Art Lighting with Merlin Light Optical Framing Projectors.

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CE Pro Webcast: Recognizing the Magic of 8 Layers of Lighting Design

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As the lighting category becomes more prevalent among integrators, the ability to provide expertise in lighting design can be a major differentiator. Anybody can load up a ceiling with 400 recessed can lights and onsite arm waving, but the result will be a lack of artistry and professional coordination, and it does a disservice to the homeowner with improper illumination.

In this one-hour FREE CE Pro webinar, attendees will learn the ADAPTIVE Method® of lighting design from noted lighting designer and creator Glenn Merlin Johnson of Adaptive Design Group. Johnson will not only identify his trademarked eight distinct layers of lighting design, but also pinpoint the best way to locate illumination to highlight the architecture and art, as well as the interior and exterior views, and decorative elements of the home. He will also review the need for task and pathway lighting and the critical magic created with integrated lighting controls.

From this webcast, integrators will have a better understanding of lighting design, the thoughtful application of controls, and how it can catapult their lighting business to the next level.


Wednesday, April 13 at 2 p.m. EDT



Jason Knott, Editor, CE Pro


Glenn Merlin Johnson, Adaptive Design Group

Click above image or link to hear webcast