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Dedicating his life to lighting design, Glenn M. Johnson developed

The Adaptive Method®

The Adaptive Method® continually revolutionizes the layering process of lighting architecture. Coupled with the thoughtful application of lighting controls, our trademarked design processes have been developed over the last 30 years. Adaptive Design Group offers the most comprehensive lighting and controls approach available. 

Our top-tier technology and custom lighting is illuminating all across the United States including California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and New York. Internationally known and recognized for work in locations such as Japan, China, Australia, and Singapore. We innovate solutions for modern luxury smart homes, and other infrastructure from the ground up.

Where the Magic Began

Glenn Merlin Johnson surrounded himself with the most innovative architectural and interior designers from the start. His commitment and vision led him to become an industry leader in coupling the latest technologies with artistic illumination.

In the late 1970s and ’80s, San Francisco’s explosion of interior design and architectural visionaries molded Glenn’s artistic approach. His father, Merlin, mentored him in the applications of lighting products, which they designed for the top 1% of high-end architectural projects in the Bay Area, and beyond.
Glenn’s focus on the “art of illumination” in luxury homes compelled him to write a book, which McGraw-Hill published in 1999, aptly titled: The Art of Illumination; Residential Lighting Design. His unique artistic approach to lighting elevated his book as the premiere text in Architectural and Interior Design Studies in 25 colleges and universities; it also garnered him national and international speaking and teaching engagements.
Glenn invented a revolutionary layering process of lighting, or illumination, called “The ADAPTIVE Method®”. Since then, other firms have mimicked his innovative lighting design, but none match his mastery of artistic lighting.
Glenn’s illuminated pathway has guided him from the San Francisco Bay Area, to leadership positions and business ownership in Los Angeles, CA; Boston, MA; and Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as artistic lighting projects across the globe.

Glenn served his lighting and electrical apprenticeship with Artistic Lighting & Electric Co. Inc. in the San Francisco Bay Area from 1974 to 1984. In addition, he studied Business Administration at College of Marin from 1975 to 1977, which ultimately led to securing his C10 General Electrical Licensure.
As an entrepreneur, he transitioned from the San Francisco Bay Area to the southern part of California, continuing to serve the top 1% clientele in Palm Springs, Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Santa Barbara. This launched his storied career as the Lighting Designer to the Stars.
Glenn founded Lighting By Design Inc. on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles in 1984, where he served several of Hollywood’s most notable producers, directors and studio heads by enhancing their opulent estates through his artistic lighting design and technical touches.
Spectrum Engineers in Salt Lake City recruited Glenn in 1992. For 10 years, he served as a Principal and Vice President, where he helped Spectrum soar from a 12-person start-up, to a strong firm of 85 engineers and associates, with offices in Salt Lake City, UT; Phoenix, AZ; and Baltimore, MD.
In 2002, Glenn left the firm to launch Adaptive Design Group Inc., based in Park City, UT, with satellite offices in Boston, MA and Jackson Hole, WY.
His artistic vision and advanced technical knowledge has made Adaptive Design Group Inc. the premier lighting, dimming and electronics’ technology design group in the nation.

Glenn excels not only in lighting and electrical expertise, but also in the production of architectural/engineering drawings, details, and specifications, which have been the benchmark in the industry for communicating complex design and engineering systems.
Glenn’s technical designs and his vast experience led him to invent innovative and artistic products. He has secured six U.S. Patents for illumination systems and the like. Glenn also founded GlennCo Inc., the manufacturer of “The Merlin Light®.” It is the premiere fine-art projector lighting system, which illuminates art displayed by the world’s most discriminating private and corporate art collectors.

A Myriad of Creativity

Glenn Merlin Johnson excels in the pursuit of creative refinement. As a fun extension of that he is passionate about music and enjoys putting together new songs and jamming classic familiar tunes.

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