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Audio Visions and Lutron/Ketra: An evening of LIGHT

Thanks to Audio Visions and Lutron/Ketra we were able to meet with OC’s finest Luxury Architects, Interior Designers and Builders for an evening of LIGHT.

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A must visit for Elite CI Members working exclusively in Luxury Homes.

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ARCHITECTURE WITH LIGHT, THE PERFECT COMBINATION. Its all in the details with proper specs and execution. We are your national architectural lighting design and engineers for Luxury Homes.

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Surrounded in LIGHT

Faces of a Successful Lighting Family Legacy

Merlin Johnson died in May of 2022, and the inspirational impact on his sons’ lives has been profound. He was a Master Mason, AF veteran, master machinist, mechanical/electrical genius, talented lighting designer and founder of Artistic Lighting & Electric. He loved his wife Peggy Jean and encouraged his sons in the art of illumination.

Duane Johnson took over Artistic to become one of the Bay Area’s most experienced and trusted electrical contractors, offering lighting design, lighting control and innovative electrical contracting capabilities.

Glenn Johnson, CEO of Adaptive Design Group, in Utah, provides lighting design for the finest residences and art collections worldwide, wrote The Art of Illumination, and manufactures The Merlin Light, a museum-quality Art Lighting System.

Eric Johnson, principal of EJA Lighting Design, is a nationally award-winning lighting designer, collaborates with world-renown architects and designers, manages projects in the Bay Area, across the U.S and abroad, and has advised many lighting manufacturers and lighting technology companies.

The brothers will forever honor their dad, Merlin Johnson.

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Only two kinds of LIGHT

There are only two kinds of LIGHT, the GLOW that illuminates and GLARE that obscures. Which do you Prefer? Choose ADAPTIVE DESIGN GROUP to Add the Artistry of Light to your projects.
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A chat and a cigar at US Senior Open

Shared a chat and a cigar with Scott and Miguel Jimenez after round 3 US Senior Open @sauconvalleycc

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US Senior Open

Great trip to the US Senior Open at @sauconvalleycc this week hosted by @lutronelectronics

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Happy Fathers Day!

Lost my amazing father 38 days ago. Tried to hold on tight but he slipped away. Happy fathers day Dad!



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Pioneer in lighting design

Lost my mentor, father and a true genius in lighting and technology. He was the pioneer in lighting design.
Still shining down on us all!



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ROCKING BRITISH COLUMBIA “The Art of Illumination” with Glenn Merlin Johnson, Adaptive Design Group.

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