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April 2021

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Liquid Art Display

Liquid Art display. How do you pick if you can’t read the labels. Lighting design is more than circles and loops on electrical plans and switch symbols. Adaptive’s layers of light and integrated dimming design complete the entire story. #luxurylifestyle #luxuryinteriors #wineconnoisseur #winedisplay #lightingdesign #ledlights #luxuryliving @adaptivedg

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

On Site Coordination

On site coordination of our artistic and technical lighting and controls are critical, especially with today’s complex architecture. Hips, valleys, arches, curves and massing galore. The mastery of Michael Upwall Design. Adaptive Design Group is not a Plug and Run lighting design firm. We are artists, technologist, engineers and former contractors. Don’t fake it. Go with the Pros! @upwalldesign @adaptivedg #luxurylifestyle #mountainluxury #parkcitystyle #luxuryarchitect #luxuryinteriors #luxurycustomhomes #luxurylightingdesign #lightingcontrol #ledlightings

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Cozy Lighting Design

Cozy lighting design touches are never accidental even in the most intimate of spaces. Thoughtful, artistic, and technically integrated lighting makes a space, never distracts from it. Add ADAPTIVE DESIGN GROUP’S Lighting Design team to your custom home projects in 2021!
Principal, Glenn Merlin Johnson literally wrote the book and is continuing to artistically apply his craft on select homes nationwide. @adaptivedg @glenn.johnson.14606 @merlin_light #luxuryliving #luxuryhomestyle #lightingdesign #themoderndesignteam #professionalcollaboration #internationalluxuryalliance #luxurycoastalliving #luxurymountainhomes #luxuryestates #professionallighting #customhomedesign #customhomearchitect #theartofillumination

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Hidden Designed Lighting

Layered, hidden designed Lighting is magical and should never distract. If you can see it it’s a mistake. Look around and be the judge for yourself. Add us to your design team. We have set the standard in custom homes nationwide for 38 years. #luxurylifestyle #luxuryhomes #lightingdesign #customhomes @upwalldesign @adaptivedg @glenn.johnson.14606

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Shape light to furniture

We can shape light to furniture as well. Our famous high output recessed Merlin Light can be custom modified to fit your dramatic presentation needs. #fineart #luxurylifestyle #customfurniture @adaptivedg #modernarchitecture

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Integrated ring light design

Home gym became the perfect staging area with our integrated ring light design. Cool infinity effect in the wall of mirrors. Add us to your projects team for amazing end results with our artistic lighting designs. . #lightingdesign #customlightingdesign #luxurylifestyle #interiordesign #luxuryarchitecture

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589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Merlin Light installation progress in Singapore

Merlin Light installation progress in Singapore. One piece framed in perfect light several more to go. Our magical recessed hidden light shapes to the canvas in perfect color rendering, low heat and no UV damaging rays. Merlin Lights are safe for all mediums including Museum quality collections. Contact for a consultation. @merlin_light @adaptivedg @glenn.johnson.14606 #fineart #luxurycollections #lightingdesigners #modernhomedesign #internationalluxuryliving

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589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Artistic and Technical Lighting

We work from the Mountains to the Seas providing our Artistic and Technical Lighting and Controls design. Same room, breathtaking in the morning and warm and inviting at night. Swipe left and take a deep breath. #lagunabeach #newportbeach #orangecounty #parkcity @adaptivedg @merlin_light @glenn.johnson.14606

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

California stairway to heaven

California stairway to heaven. Hidden linear led under treads provide for safety and a perfect glow. Our lighting design , specs and details were executed perfectly. @bighorngolf @therealbighornproperties #palmdesertlife

589 589 Adaptive Design Group, Inc.

Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new. Litetouch Controls to Lutron Controls. Home we designed 16 years ago and came back to perform a flawless upgrade. Owner now has new modern keypads and full APP control. 99 more Litetouch homes of ours to go. @lutronelectronics