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Testimonial 07

Glenn and his team are absolute professionals in all they do.  From the start of design to the final focusing, Adaptive Design Group worked hand and hand with our entire team.  Their attention to details, quick response time, engagement of a true partnership and their love of what they do sets them apart from the rest.

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Testimonial 01

“Glenn is truly professional in the field of lighting design”

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Testimonial 02

“In the past 10 years we have found that we can no longer neglect the lighting & electrical design aspect of the custom home. There is so much to offer but few professionals maximizing the home’s potential.”

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Testimonial 03

“We Engaged Glenn Johnson to develop lighting for our Rockport, Maine “Home,” because we heard from many sources that we was the best and he did not disappoint us. The overall result can only be described as stunningly beautiful. I would high recommend Glenn to anyone looking for an expert. I believe he has no equal.”

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Testimonial 04

“Glenn M. Johnson and his company Adaptive Design Group, Inc. are a delight to work with. Their knowledge, team work and documentation is the best in the industry. The end result is always visually stunning, and highly functional.”

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Testimonial 05

“Adaptive Design Group, Inc. is able to address various types of lighting issues and had contributed lighting design solutions complementary to the architectural design concepts, all within the client’s budgets. I highly recommend Adaptive Design Group, Inc.”

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Testimonial 06

“I have worked with a number of well respected lighting designers, but Glenn M. Johnson and Adaptive Design Group, Inc.’s work stands out among them. Their attention to detail, passion for the craft and unparalleled knowledge of lighting guarantees to both me and our clients that the end result will always exceed our expectations.”